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Angelika’s interest in animals and their welfare dates back to her early years at a primary school. Having a father who practices veterinary medicine gave her a great opportunity to experience this profession first hand as well as study animal behaviour and how they ‘perceive’ their surroundings.

During her undergraduate days, Angelika had an extensive exposure to a full range of science and biology courses, all of which reinforced and solidified her passion and interest in animals and environment.

In the realm of biology, Angelika has developed a special interest in the field of animal behaviour and conservation and decided to take a graduate course in Zoology.

Angelika’s journey with dogs begun during her early uni years. She became a dog walker and soon after started working at one of the largest UK’s charities- Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. While at the charity, she was exposed to a number of dog breeds with a variety of behavioural issues. Angelika learnt how to investigate and resolve issues such as dog fights and abnormal behaviour, provide basic obedience and training to dogs on a daily basis, work with a larger group of dogs at a time and ensure the animals were provided with high standards of hygiene, nutrition and care. Throughout that time, Angelika gained much confidence as well as practice with handling and managing domestic animals, mainly dogs and cats.

After completing her degree in Zoology, Angelika pursued a career in which she could continue her love for animals in a field that allows her to cater to animal behaviour and welfare. It was that direction she believed she could make the greatest contribution, utilising her theoretical background and a scientific creativity.